It has been a journey of over 40 years that our brand NeelkamalAjwainis an established name in the grocery market today. We started as a small grocery store by the name of RamlalKashiram. Our shop of wholesale grocery items in the market of Sojat city was quite famous for selling out fresh products.

As time passed, we saw the growing demand of ajwain in the market and therefore decided to shift our business to manufacturing and producing only ajwain and various ajwain products. With a focus on different types of ajwain products, we started selling it under the brand name of Neelkamal ajwain from our shop in Sojat city. We initiated our ajwain business by launching packaging of 1 kg and 500 grams. Being the finest quality of ajwain, our brand became the most popular of all in the entire Sojat city and the slowly this recognition spread throughout India. And today we are a renowned brand calibrated with an excellent quality.

With changing times, we decided to embrace latest technology and machinery, and started with an entirely new firm by the name R.K. and Company, in the Sojat city market. Here we installed latest technical machinery and equipment to produce ajwain with enhanced quality. All of the products we manufacture do not compromise with quality and match with the international standards of quality and hygiene.

We have a vast range of products with ajwain being our main product. We manufacture different kinds and grades of ajwain. You can get them in both powdered and seed form. The various brands of ajwain we produce include NeelkamalAjwain, VatikaAjwain, Langer Ajwain, KamdhenuAjwainKani, Cattle feed Ajwain. Along with these, we also produce different other kinds of ajwain items including Ajwain Powder, AjwainKani, Ajwain extract and various others. We purchase raw ajwain generally from south India and sometimes also from Gujarat. M.P, and Rajasthan. Our latest machinery is used for producing the best quality of ajwain products.

Besides ajwain, we also manufacture henna in powdered form. This is because the city of Sojat, where our company is based is the highest and best quality henna cultivating city in world. We purchase henna leaves from the local farmers. These farmers grow henna just for us and make sure to maintain its standard and quality. We sell henna under the brand name Vatika. We also process and manufacture Organic Henna Powder, Natural Henna Body art quality, Herbal Henna, Henna for Hair. We ensure that each of these products are 100% natural and not adulterated with any chemicals. We have special machinery dedicated to manufacture and process finest quality of henna.

We also are famous for selling best quality herbal products, most of which are used for hair and skin. These include, Indigo Powder, Cassia powder,Amla powder, Neem Powder,Multanimitti,Shikakai, Areetha,Brahmi, Bhringraj.

Along with the Sojat city market, our products are always in demand in every market of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Punjab. We also are expanding in the global market and our products are reaching various countries worldwide. This is because we make sure of producing finest quality of products that abide by hygiene standards. Our company is ISO 9001-2015 certified and our FSSAI no is 12216036000127.

High-Quality, Health, Safety
Environment Policy

At RK & COMPANY Client Satisfcation is our height priority. We are committed to implement necessary resources to ensure that our products and practices always respact the requirments of Quality, Health, Secuiry and environment Standard.

  • Satisfying Our Customers Expectations and Need.
  • Respecting the Current regulations.
  • Providing the necessary means for the implementation of this policy.
  • Preventing Qulity related problems by the implementation the good manufacturing practices inside our Factory.
  • Producing According to the requirments of Quality, Health, Secuiry and environment Standard.
  • Encouraging action that lead to continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Implementing a rigorous Waste Management