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Fuller's Earth
Multani mitti Benefits :
Multani Mitti is known to fight acne and pimples,Removes excess sebum and oil, Deep cleanses skin removing dirt, sweat and impurities,Evens out skin tone and brightens complexion, Treats tanning and pigmentation, Effective in treating sunburn, skin rashes and infections (multani mitti is an effective cooling agent) , Can be used in cold compresses to treat skin inflammation and insect bites, Fights and helps in keeping away blackheads/whiteheads, blemishes, freckles, pimple/acne spots.
Used for:
Shelf Life:
2 years with appropriate storage conditions.
Storage Conditions:
it is recommended to keep it in a cool place to maintain freshness and achieve maximum shelf life.
ISO 2001-2015 Certified.
  • 100% natural : Pure Multani mitti
  • Botenical Name : Fuller's Earth
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